lundi 21 janvier 2013

Feel Free

Ahhh les Panpastel...  Je les aime vraiment!  J'adore l'effet de douceur mais d'intensité des créations produites avec ceux-ci.  Pour donner de l'éclat au mat des Panpastel j'aime bien étendre un peu de Inka Gold  dans les mêmes tons ici et là lorsque je les utilise.  Le contraste entre le mat et la brillance donne un effet trop chouette.

C'est cette technique que j'ai utilisé sur les fleurs d'une de mes dernières page de AJ.

Bonne journée!

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Anonyme a dit…

When a protest group is peaceful, it feels very offensive to be spied upon.

Groups often do not find out till years or decades later that they were spied upon, and looking back, wonder what about their group could possibly have been of interest to a sophisticated law enforcement agency.

Every time the woman said "prostrate", her voice seemed to raise a few
octaves. I tried to stare at her, with an annoyed look
on my face, to perhaps clue her in that not everyone on the
bus wanted to listen in on her conversation. She didn't notice. After a while, it just became amusing, and I'm not one who can hold back giggles in
public. Within a few minutes, those sitting around me also caught a case of the giggles and we went into a shared fit of
laughter over this stranger's prostrate problems. Needless to say, I didn't accomplish any reading on that bus ride.

My final rant is directed towards drivers on their cell phones-really,
I just can't resist. I walk almost a mile from my bus stop to my home. It is a treacherous walk because cross-walks no longer seem to be a safe haven for pedestrians. I approach cross-walks with a wary caution, scanning the drivers of approaching cars. Many drivers stop, make eye contact with me, and assure me that it is safe to cross the street. But the drivers on their cell phones seem to have trouble talking and driving at the same time much like walking and chewing bubblegum, I suppose. They never seem to see me, pull right into the crosswalk, forcing me to run to avoid being hit, or go out of my way to walk around their car. My desire to not let these small, everyday occurrences stress me out allows me to let my annoyance go in these situations. I have to wonder sometimes how necessary it is for these drivers to talk on their phones, especially when it results in their inability to be aware of pedestrians. That includes phishing scams, which attempt to acquire personal data such as passwords or credit-card account information through fraudulent messages. These scams have spread from email to text messaging. Here the best protection should be familiar: Be skeptical of any messages that ask for passwords, account numbers or any other personal information. When in doubt, check directly with the company that claims to be asking for the information. In addition, mortgage fraud seems to be on the rise, with suspicious activity reports jumping by a third from the previous year to 93,508, though the average fraud was smaller, since the total resulted in a slightly smaller dollar loss.
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